Our collaboration with Aha Bolivia in recreating our digitised UV mapping designs via digital communication was a challenging and interesting experience that produced stunning results. Being pioneers of craftsmanship we sought to mix the old with the new, traditional manual techniques with digital tools, to create uniquely modern, ethical and fair-trade products.
The step by step design process and daily exchanges opened potential new doors for collaborations over digital mediums but also highlighted limitations that through face to face communication could have been solved easily, but the difficulty and imperfections of a seamless exchange and culture barrier is what made the final pieces so unpredictable and interesting. Sometimes being definitive (standard in design) creates lack of character, particularly true in fashion.
Final pieces where produced in Bolivia using fair-trade wools and cottons farmed ethically and manufactured by a hub of local fair paid crafters.

For more on Aha Bolivia visit their website here: http://www.ahabolivia.com