At Korlekie, we recognise the importance of a team and the vital need for training in different operational areas to help the business and individuals grow.

We provide basic training to our team members and temporary staff in areas such as:

  • Marketing & PR (we have our own in-house team)
  • Design & Pattern Cutting (work closely with the designer)
  • Business skills (be part of our mentoring workshops with industry professionals)
  • Technical textiles and much more.

Our impact on past team members can be found below in our testimonial section where a significant amount of our interns have successfully entered further education in fashion or have moved on to start their own business.

We pride ourselves in the great friendships we have been able to build and the ongoing support of team members who have decided to stay on and duly become integrated team members of the business.

For more information or to apply to join our team email us:


Working with Korlekie was a rewarding experience. Korlekie has inspired me to pursue a career into teaching textiles. I have learned new skills and have developed my skills. Korlekie is a great fashion company to work with because it’s diverse, the communication is great and it is a fashion company where you constantly grow your skills because you learn new things every day. Working with korlekie gave me so much confidence in my self and my practice.

-Textile lecturer-

Leila CoulibalyDesign intern

Interning for the brand Korlekie gave me the experience in bettering my knowledge of the Fashion Knitwear industry. My questions were always answered and my ideas were always appreciated. The head designer always pushed me to help better my skills and gave me confidence when allowing me to undergo important projects and tasks alone. I loved working with Korlekie and would never hesitate to join the company again.

-Style blogger & designer of Priya Renoo designs-

Priya RenooDesign Assistant