As pioneers of slow fashion, we at Korlekie have been working hard with selected social brands to bring you well made fashion with a heart.

This season we have partnered with Vitae London to bring you this luxury choker & watch gift set.

Vitae London is a watch brand working with charities in South Africa where 10% of each sale goes to providing a child with necessary school equipment to see them through the year.

The Korlekie x Vitae gift set consists of a choker and watch masterfully weaved by hand in a traditional braid variation taken from the technique of crochet using soft silken cord with a lustrous satin sheen.

Derived from the meticulously crafted collections of Korlekie, this gift set is a timeless investment of craftsmanship at its finest and most beautiful, partnering the modern with the artisanal.

To learn more about Vitae London’s story visit their website:

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