Working with Nubuke Foundation, Ghana in cultivating the visual art and culture of Ghana through traditional heritage textile techniques such as kente weaving.
Kente is one of the traditional fabrics of Ghana, weaved by artisans who have specially schooled in the art of the heritage weave made on large manual looms. We sought to bring this wondrous textile to our western audience using signature colours from the recent Pure Red collection.
Fabrics are created using cotton and satiny rayon threads that gives lustre and a luxurious look to the fabric.
From the collaboration with Nubuke, we created to beautiful style kimono jackets and a bag that we hope will raise awareness of the beauty of African textiles and through sales, be able to give back to Nubuke so they can continue growing and supporting young people and communities in craftsmanship in Ghana.

To learn more about Nubuke Foundation visit their website: