Frequently asked questions

What is stylist corner?

Korlekie has been privileged to have worked with some of the best and upcoming style talents in creative fields such as fashion, music and film. We are proud to be part of the creative journey and recognise the growing demand of stylists being able to request loans with ease.

We want to continue to be part of the amazing stories stylists create and so decided it would be great to dedicate a page for stylists to view, select and request or hire our collections with ease on our website.

How do I gain access to stylist corner?

Request a personal log in via together with a link to your website or page. You will then be given a personal log in password to access the stylist corner version of the website where you can browse, request and book garment loans.

Is it possible to loan from past collections?

Yes. Any garments not fit enough to be loaned due to wear and tear or other faults will not be shown or marked as unavailable or not shown. Feel free to still send in an enquiry as our dedicated artisan team work to insure our collections are fit for use.

Are there any fees involved in loaning items?

Usually no unless the shoot is budgeted in which case a small hire fee will be charged to go towards the continued upkeep of the collection for future use.

We charge a fee for test shoots.

How can I loan from Korlekie?

Browse our collections and send an email together with your chosen selection and we’ll let you know if your selections are available.

Please also include any magazine commissioning letters and shoot details that’ll help us to facilitate your requests more efficiently.

Do you loan for test shoots?

Yes but for a fee as test shoots don’t usually yield any benefits for the brand.

We are as passionate about our brand as stylists are about their own work and think any collaboration we do should be beneficial to both parties in regards to helping grow our businesses ethically and sustainably.

Due to the laborious efforts of creating a Korlekie piece and the expensive fabrics, we cannot loan or hire pieces out for tests for free. All charges go towards the continued upkeep of the clothes.

What are your fees?

Tops/ Jumpers – £10 per day

Day dresses – £15 per day

Evening dresses – £20 per day

Jackets/ Coats – £15 per day

Haute – £30 per day

Do you loan to individuals / events/ red carpet etc?

Yes. We are proud to have worked with individuals for high and important events and stylists in dressing clients for red carpet occasions.

Send an enquiry to: with the look(s) you’d like to borrow, how many days for and for what and we’ll get back to you.

Loans of this kind are subject to fees different from the styling fees highlighted in the previous question and charged depending on the type of event and for how long the loan is needed for.

Requests are treated on a brand benefit basis. We disclose that we cannot unfortunately say yes to everyone and exercise our right to decide whether or not we give out our  reasons for any unsuccessful requests.